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Announcing our new partner Scholl, here to help you care for your feet.

With over 100 years of expertise, no one knows runners’ feet like our new partner, Scholl.

When it comes to training for the Sydney Marathon presented by ASICS, you might be focusing on your cadence, cardio and calories, but when was the last time you took a moment to think about your feet?

Not only do we expect them to carry us around all day, every day, but when we are running, we expect them to adapt to the conditions, the speed and the duration. It’s a tough ask.

Introducing our new partners, global footwear giants Scholl, who are here to help!

Not only do Scholl aim to encourage us to take care of our tootsies (they believe our feet are the foundation of wellbeing, fitness and enjoying life), but they also offer a range of products to make running the Sydney Marathon that much more comfortable.

From heal pain relief and heel balm to shock reduction insoles and sport gel insoles, Scholl has you covered. Plus, there’s a range of care preventions products to help with dry skin, calluses (been there!) and foot odour.

Not only that, from now until race day, Scholl will be sharing tips and hints for runners on their (and our) social media and online about foot care. Why? Well, Scholl and Sydney Marathon think it’s about time we all took care of our feet and trained them the same way we would any other part of the body in the lead up to race day.

This includes buying supportive trainers, appropriate insoles, and the right socks, as well as doing strengthening exercises and proper recovery. Our feet deserve that.

And once you’ve set your feet up for success, you can visit their booth at the Sydney Running Show before the race, then head on over to the Recovery Village after your run so you can enjoy a well-earned foot yoga recovery sesh. Or “Toega”, as we like to call it.

Afterall, taking care of your feet isn’t just about getting them to look great; good foot health is necessary for your overall health and wellbeing. So, give your feet a little love and attention as your push out a PB this week in training. You’ve got this.

Welcome to the family Scholl! 

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