Baggage Drop

To minimise the use of the baggage service we encourage all participants to wear old clothes (not garbage bags - which are a trip hazard) and discard them at the start. All discarded clothing will be donated to charity.

OptionCollection Time
Sydney Marathon Running Show: 14-16 SeptemberImmediately after the conclusion of your race
Start line: Event Morning11am onwards
  • Baggage Drop Guidelines

    Each participant is permitted to one standard supermarket-sized bag only, and must use the bag provided at the Baggage Drop location

    Event staff may examine any item before accepting it in the bag drop and reserve the right to refuse items.

    All items left in the bag drop may be searched in the interests of safety and security.

    Please do not place valuables such as wallets, keys, phones etc., or fresh food into your bag.

    Event organisers take no responsibility for the contents of any bag, for theft or loss of property.

  • Baggage Contents

    We would recommend the following:

    • A change of clothes
    • A light weight jacket
    • Any snacks to refuel post-race (no fresh food please)

    The following items are not permitted:

    • Alcohol, cans, glass bottles and containers with liquids greater than 100ml that are not clear and visible to see-through (E.g water bottles/sports drinks are permitted in clear plastic container)
    • iPads/tablets, laptops/personal computers or any mobile phone/device measuring greater than 170mm diagonally
    • Aerosol canisters
    • Knives, weapons, scissors, firearms, weapons, fireworks
    • Any item that event staff considers offensive, dangerous, hazardous and/or illegal or that could be used as a weapon or a missile, or that may compromise or interfere with the enjoyment, comfort or safety of any person.

    Belongings must be collected before 3:00 pm on Sunday race day or they will be treated as lost property. The organisers take no responsibility for the contents of any bag, for theft or loss of property.

  • Expo Baggage Drop Off Procedure
    1. Collect your race bib at the Sydney Marathon Running Show. 
    2. Place the baggage sticker (provided by volunteers at the baggage desk) onto the plastic bag provided at the Baggage Collection desk. 
    3. Insert any post-race items you want into the plastic bag (we are unable to take any personal bags (handbags, luggage, backpacks, etc.)  
    4. Drop at the Baggage Collection marquee. Baggage drop off hours:
    Date Open
    Thursday 14 September 8am 8pm
    Friday 15 September 8am 8pm
    Saturday 16 September 8am 5pm
  • Event Day Arrangements
    • There will be a baggage truck at the event start for the Sydney Marathon, Sydney Marathon 21.1KM (closing 25min before race start time) and Sydney Marathon 10KM. Baggage closes 25min before race start time. However, we would strongly encourage participants in these events to make use of the Sydney Running Show baggage drop, if possible.

      If you chose to drop your bag on race day morning, there is a chance that you will be unable to collect your bag until after 11am, so be sure to drop your bag in advance Thursday-Saturday at the Sydney Marathon Running Show to allow for prompt collection.

      Collecting your bag on Event Day

      Please note your baggage will be available for collection at the baggage collection point located in the Parade Ground, Royal Botanic Gardens.

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