Sunday 18th September, 2022

Blue Line Legends

The Blue Line legends club was created in 2012 in recognition of runners who had completed every single Sydney Marathon, presented by ASICS, since its inception in 2001.

These dedicated runners reflect the spirit, perseverance and dedication that makes marathon running such a unique and special accomplishment. Year after year, these runners overcome the greatest individual endurance challenge.

The Blue Line Legends continue their legacy by participating in the event each year and will be looking to run their 20th consecutive (physical) Sydney Marathon, presented by ASICS, in 2022. We take our hat off to you all! Congratulations.

NameMarathon Years
Grant Deitch2001 - 2019
Bob Fickel2001 - 2019
Ray James2001 - 2019
Rick Patzold2001 - 2019
Rod Saville2001 - 2019
Eric Schmierer2001 - 2019
Jo Tebbutt2001 - 2019
Graham Wye2001 - 2019

Please note: The Blue Line Legends is an independent title separate to the Bridge Club, and acknowledges those who have completed every Sydney Marathon, consecutively, from the start of the inception of the Sydney Marathon till last completed Sydney Marathon. The Bridge Club is only for those who have, inconsecutively, completed 10 years or more.

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