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Driven athletes share with Porsche Cars Australia what the Sydney Marathon means to them

Driven athletes share with Porsche Cars Australia what the Sydney Marathon means to them

A marathon is an event that empowers people to pursue their dreams, which is why Sydney Marathon was thrilled to have Porsche Cars Australia return as the Official Automotive Partner of the 2023 Sydney Marathon.

The first all-electric sports car from Porsche, the Taycan, led this year’s pack on race day and set the pace for this year’s fastest competitors. As the automotive embodiment of energy-efficient high performance, the Porsche Taycan perfectly echoes the spirit and dedication of our race’s participants. As a bonus, its zero-emissions drivetrain meant a breath of fresh air for everyone.

In the lead up to race day, Porsche Cars Australia caught up with some of the athletes taking part in this year’s Sydney Marathon to discover how they have prepared for the event and what the marathon means to them.

Nick Youngquest

Sydney Marathon Ambassador, Nick Youngquest, cites the diverse and welcoming nature of the global running community as the inspiration for him to reach new goals and dreams. During an early morning training session, Nick revealed how running has allowed him to find his place since retiring from elite sport.

“My purpose in taking part is to help guide, inspire and empower others to use the marathon as their transformational mode,” explains Nick. “It’s a chance to help overcome any limiting beliefs they may have of themselves, and push them to achieve great things and see just what they’re capable of.”

Nick is passionate about using his platform to advocate for the Sydney Marathon to become an Abbott World Marathon Major – a status that would further cement Sydney as one of the world’s great sporting event cities.

Madison de Rozario OAM

Also racing this year was Australian Paralympian Madison de Rozario OAM. Although Madison has represented Australia on the world stage on numerous occasions (and won a few Gold medals in the process!) this was Madison’s first time participating in the Sydney Marathon.

While completing her daily training routine, Madison reflected on how pursuing her dreams has shaped her into the athlete she is today.

“Setting goals and having those lofty dreams has always been incredibly important to me,” says Madison.

“Not for the sake of achieving them necessarily, but to provide the structure for who I have to become along the way.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Madison’s training will continue post-marathon. With the 2024 Paris Paralympics on the horizon, she sees this race as solid preparation for her plans to secure another Gold medal in the world’s most competitive arena.

Like our partners at Porsche Cars Australia, both Nick and Madison’s unique ambitions are underpinned by the pursuit of perfecting their elite performance capabilities, setting an example for this year’s racers, and inspiring them to go after their goals.


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