We’re thrilled to announce The Sydney Marathon as a candidate race for the Abbott World Marathon Majors (AbbottWMM). Run one of the world’s most scenic marathon courses, taking in some of Sydney’s most spectacular and historic landmarks including the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

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Key Event Details

DateSunday, 17 September 2023
Distance42.195km (World Athletics Platinum Label Marathon)
Start time7:05am (7:00am - Racing Wheelchair)
Start line cut off7:20am
Start LocationBradfield Park, Milsons Point
Finish LineSydney Opera House Forecourt
Course Cut Off Time7 hours


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**All prices are in Australian Dollars.
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Course details


*Subject to change

Gatorade and GU Gels are available at selected drink stations along the course.

A designated marathon only refreshment station will be located after the finish line at the Marathon Recovery Zone.

All drink station locations are marked on the course map and there are portable toilets at each drink station.

The number of GU Gels out on course are limited and not guaranteed. If you require gels as part of your hydration plan, we strongly recommend you carry your own supply.

Drink Station Locations

  • Drink Station 1, 5.0km – Water & Gatorade
  • Drink Station 2, 7.5km – Water
  • Drink Station 3, 10.0km – Water & Gatorade
  • Drink Station 4, 12.5km – Water
  • Drink Station 5, 15.0km – Water & Gatorade
  • Drink Station 6, 17.5km – Water
  • Drink Station 7, 20.0km – Water, Gatorade & GU Gels
  • Drink Station 8, 22.2km – Water
  • Drink Station 9, 25.0km – Water, Gatorade & GU Gels
  • Drink Station 10, 27.5km – Water
  • Drink Station 11, 30.0km – Water, Gatorade & GU Gels
  • Drink Station 12, 32.5km – Water
  • Drink Station 13, 35.2km – Water, Gatorade & GU Gels
  • Drink Station 14, 37.5km – Water
  • Drink Station 15, 40km – Water, Gatorade & GU Gels
  • Drink Station 16, 41.5km – Water

To assist you in achieving your personal best, Pace Setters will be provided by Sydney Striders. Each Pace Setter will be holding a coloured flag and will wear an identifiable “Sydney Striders” green and white singlet. The pace time will be marked on the flag and back of shirt.

There will be a pacer for the following times;

  • 3hrs
  • 3hrs 15mins
  • 3hrs 30mins
  • 3hrs 45mins
  • 4hrs
  • 4hrs 15mins
  • 4hrs 30mins
  • 4hrs 45mins
  • 5hrs
  • 5hrs 30mins
  • 6hrs



Event details

Age Categories18-24; 25-29; 30-34; 35-39; 40-44; 45-49; 50-54; 55-59; 60-64; 65-69; 70-74; 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90-94, 95-99, 100+
Age RestrictionsAll participants must be aged 18 years or older on event day
RulesNo prams, scooters, handcycles/crank cycles or wheelchairs (with the exception of race wheelchairs) are to be taken onto the course.
What's included in the entry fee?Your entry fee includes your race bib and timing tag, finishers medal and finishers shirt.
Elite AthletesFor elite assistance, contact the race director here
Bib CollectionView Bib Collection Details here
BaggageView baggage drop details here
TransportView transport details here

Start Groups

Choose the start group that is the right fit for your predicted fitness level
Start GroupEstimated Finish Time
Elite / PreferredMale - sub 2hr 40min Female - sub 3h 05min
A GroupUnder 3hr 45min
B GroupBetween 3h 45min and 4h 30min
C GroupOver 4h 30min

For slower runners, joggers or walkers, it is important to be in the correct starting group. There are three groups in each race all seeded according to expected finish time. Your time will not be affected in any way as the timing chip will only record your time from when you cross the start mats to the finish line mats. This will allow you to enjoy the event at your own pace and provide you with the best possible end result.

As the Sydney Marathon is run under World Athletics rules & regulations, all official results will be based on Gun Time. Participants will receive both Gun Time and Net Time on their finisher certificates.

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