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Sydney Marathon is more than a marathon – Impact Day 2023

Make an impact this Thursday, 10th August and raise awareness and funds for the 2023 Sydney Marathon.

This year’s 2023 Sydney Marathon, presented by ASICS, is supported by 246 charities – which include three headline charities – over 4,000 individual fundraisers, and has the goal over raising $1 million for an incredible range of causes.

To help boost this initiative, the Sydney Marathon in partnership with our fundraising platform partners, Grassrootz, is excited to be running “Impact Day” on Thursday, 10th August – which is a 24-hour window to mobilise all charities and fundraisers looking to make a real impact in the space of one day, and the goal of raising $24,000 in 24 hours.

Our Sydney Marathon partner, FONZ, is also giving away an Arthur 2 Electric Scooter to one lucky fundraiser that raises at least $100 between midnight and 11:59pm on Thursday, August 10th, to help with the fundraising drive.

Find out more about the FONZ giveaway and full terms and conditions.

And to top it off, for any individual that raises $500 for any of the 246 registered Sydney Marathon charities, they will run this year’s Sydney Marathon for free – with 7 donations typically all that is required to reach that mark.

Find out more about “Run For Free” here.

We are incredibly proud of our three headline charities, Cure Cancer, Dementia Australia and Children’s Cancer Institute Australia, who have raised almost $90,000 between them thus far, contributing almost 25% of the total fundraising towards the Sydney Marathon so far.

In the leadup to Impact Day, we caught up with the head fundraising staff at each of our headline charities:

Children’s Cancer Institute Australia (currently raised $37,373 as at 9am, Wednesday 9th August)

Huge thanks to the Sydney Marathon team for supporting Impact Day 2023! It’s great to see the community come together to support Dementia Australia. We’re also grateful for the generous prize donated by the FONZ team, as a way to give back to the amazing Dementia Australia supporters to help drive their fundraising efforts all the way to the finish line. Good luck everyone!

Jason Turik, National Manager, Events and Fundraising at Children’s Cancer Institute Australia.

Cure Cancer (currently raised $26,877 as at 9am, Wednesday 9th August)

“Fundraising lies at the very core of the Sydney Marathon, and its profound significance shines brightest on Impact Day. We wholeheartedly acknowledge and celebrate the unwavering commitment of our fundraisers and supporters. This year, we come together with a heartfelt appeal to our fundraisers and supporters, asking for an additional 1% or an extra $50 on Impact Day. This crucial contribution will pave the way for life-saving cancer research, leaving a positive impact on countless lives in Sydney and throughout Australia. We extend our gratitude to the Sydney Marathon team for their continued support and to the generous souls at FONZ for their prize donation. Together, we embark on a journey of hope and change, making a difference in the lives of those who need it the most. Thank you for being the driving force behind our mission.”

Katrina Rae, Head of Fundraising at Cure Cancer

Dementia Australia (currently raised $25,091 as at 9am, Wednesday 9th August)

We love Impact Day and we’re so grateful to the Sydney Marathon team for supporting this important initiative each year. Impact Day positively impacts our fundraising results each year and is an imperative part of the overall event experience. All the best for this year’s Impact Day!

Rachel Jamieson, Community Fundraising Lead at Dementia Australia

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