Sunday 15th September, 2024

Sydney Marathon Pace Team

To assist our Marathon participants in achieving their marathon goals, we will have a team of Pacers. A “Pacer” is an experienced marathon runner who will run at an even effort/pace for the duration of the event to finish at an advertised target time and encourage our runners along the way. Whether our participants are a first-time marathoner or are aiming for the next milestone finish time, there will be a pacer for them to run with. Each Pacer will be easily identifiable by a flag which will clearly display their target finish time.

There will be a pacer for the following times for the Sydney Marathon;

  • 2hrs 30mins (TBC)
  • 2hrs 40mins
  • 2hrs 50mins
  • 3hrs
  • 3hrs 10mins
  • 3hrs 20mins
  • 3hrs 30mins
  • 3hrs 40mins
  • 3hrs 50mins
  • 4hrs
  • 4hrs 10mins
  • 4hrs 20mins
  • 4hrs 30mins
  • 4hrs 40mins
  • 4hrs 50mins
  • 5hrs
  • 5hrs 15mins
  • 5hrs 30mins
  • 5hrs 45mins
  • 6hrs
  • 6hrs 20mins
  • 6hrs 40mins
  • 7hrs
  • Sweeper


Pace Team Benefits

Benefits of joining the Pace Team.

  • Assist many marathoners, many completing their first marathon, achieve their goal finish time!
  • Exclusive Sydney Marathon Pace Kit
  • Sponsor products / giveaways / goody bags.
  • Chance to be a part of the pace team at a future Abbott World Marathon Major event.
  • Full perks of the Sydney Marathon Candidacy Club.
  • Discounted entry for a friend or family member to join you.

Pace Team Applications

Applications to join the Sydney Marathon Pace Team will are now closed. All applications will be thoroughly reviewed and pacers selected on merit.

As a pacer you will be expected to carry a pacing flag displaying your target finish time and maintain an even effort pace across the entire course. You will be provided with a suitable pacer running kit which must be worn on race day.

In addition to pacing on race day, it is also a requirement that pacers make themselves available for a minimum of 1 additional pace team activation (pacer led training run and/or a shift on the pacer stand at the running show).

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