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Transurban to keep Sydney moving during the Sydney Marathon

Transurban has joined as the official road sponsor with Australia’s most scenic marathon, the Sydney Marathon, presented by ASICS, ensuring safe transport on the day.

As one of the world’s largest toll-road operators, Transurban focuses on getting people where they need to go, as safely, efficiently and quickly as possible.

As the official road sponsor for the event, Transurban is committed to ensuring the streamlined coordination of traffic flow by providing free travel under the city during the race.

Sydney motorists will be able to travel for free on the Cross City Tunnel from 5am – 3pm on event day, allowing for better movement across our city on event day, ensuring motorists are minimally impacted on the day.

2023 is set to become the biggest marathon that Sydney (and Australia) has ever seen, generating excitement but also large-scale logistical challenges, especially when it comes to movement of people around the city on the day.

Not only has the Sydney Marathon just achieved the highly prestigious World Athletics Platinum Label, which officially recognises the event as one of the world’s leading road races, but it is also now a candidate to become the 7th Abbott World Marathon Major (along with New York, London, Boston, Chicago, Berlin, and Tokyo).

To manage this process, the Sydney Marathon actively sought key strategic partnerships with organisations that understand the scale and scope of the event.

“Transurban has helped us unlock aspects of the new course that couldn’t have been possible without their help,” explains Sydney Marathon Race Director Wayne Larden. “And this partnership has allowed us to build a better experience for the public.”

“Strengthening communities is at the heart of our business and we are a proud partner of Sydney Marathon,” explains Michele Huey, Transurban NSW Group Executive.

‘With this partnership with Sydney Marathon, we aim to support the community by providing hassle-free transport to and from one of Australia’s most popular sporting events for runners and spectators alike.

Welcome to the family Transurban! 

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