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Venue Volunteers

Roles & Responsibilities

We operate four venues on event day with Volunteers posted at all four, including:

  • Start Venue – Miller Street, North Sydney
  • Finish Line 1 – Sydney Opera House
  • Finish Line 2 – Sydney Conservatorium of Music
  • Recovery Village – Royal Botanic Gardens.

In the venues, the work-teams are made up of Functional Area Managers, Workforce Managers, Workforce Support, Team Leaders, and Crew along with various other Event Staff who all support one another to deliver an excellent event to all participants and spectators.

Volunteer Roles

  • Workforce Support (WFS)

    As Workforce Support, you will work very closely with the Venue Workforce Manager. You will be required to ensure all volunteers have signed-in, and received a t-shirt, cap and snack pack. You will help to organise volunteers into their functional areas and hand them over to their Team Leader/Supervisor. You will help the Workforce Manager deploy volunteers, and re-deploy in areas as required. Throughout your shift you will check on the volunteers, take them extra water/snacks and solve problems while roaming the venue.

    You must be available to attend a mandatory evening training/briefing session prior to Event Day to gain further information about your Roles & Responsibilities as a Workforce Support.

  • Team Leaders (TL)

    Team Leaders are responsible for coordinating and instructing volunteer crew to successfully operate their assigned role in a specific functional area; (for example, at Drink Stations, Wayfinding & Medal Distribution). All TL’s will act as the first point of contact for their crew members. Should a TL require assistance, they are asked to approach their Functional Area Manager or Workforce Manager.

    You must be available to attend a mandatory evening training/briefing session prior to Event Day to gain further information about your Roles & Responsibilities as a Team Leader.

  • Help Desk

    The role of a Help Desk volunteer is to have a thorough understanding of the venue in order to be a source of information to spectators & participants. You will be based at a help desk and will be provided with maps and a booklet of Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Wayfinder

    Wayfinders are responsible for static and roaming positions within your Venue to provide directional assistance and information to race participants and spectators on Event Day. Wayfinders need to use the briefing information & maps provided to them to identify key landmarks & event areas to participants (e.g. the location of toilets, corporate marquees, sponsor tents/activations, baggage collection area). You will need to follow instructions from your Functional Area Manager and Team Leader.

  • Drink Station Crew

    As a Drink Station Crew member, you are responsible for assisting with the set-up, pack-up, and operation of drink stations within the venues. Sydney Opera House volunteer crews will hand out water bottles, while other venues will service the participants with cups of water.

Start Venue - Miller Street, North Sydney

  • Information & Registration

    Provide information to participants and assist the registration team with the distribution of missing/lost race kits.

  • Start Assembly Crew

    Volunteers working as part of the Start Assembly Crew will be split across the six different start sections (A, B, C, D, E, F). Your role will be to assist participants and ensure that they enter through the correct start chute.

Finish Venue - Opera House or The Conservatorium of Music

  • Finish Marshals

    As a Finish Marshal, you will need to ensure that participants do not stop within the chute once they have crossed the finish line. You will need to ensure that the finish line is kept clear at all times by directing participants toward Drink Stations & Meeting Points within the Recovery Venue.

    Finish Marshals are based at the Finish Chute and will assist the Medical Team to open barricades for Medical Tent Access when required. You will also provide directional assistance and encouragement to participants within the Finish Chute.

  • Medal Distributor

    As a part of the Medal Distribution Crew, you will work to ensure all participants receive a medal of participation at the completion of their event. Medals for each of the events will differ slightly.

  • Media Assistant

    As a Media Assistant, you will provide assistance to the Media Manager. You may be asked to complete roles including collecting and distributing results and releases from the Media Manager, assisting with media interviews, assisting with athlete direction from finish line to mixed zone as directed, etc.

  • Results Crew

    Assist the Results Manager with spotting and tagging first, second and third placegetters in the Marathon and 10KM events. You will escort these winners to the stage within the Recovery Village and make them known to the Stage Manager in time for the event presentations.

  • Baggage Collection

    You will assist in the baggage collection area for participants to collect their belongings post-event. This is where participants can collect their belongings where would have been dropped off at the Sydney Marathon Running Show (Expo). The event team deliver all baggage to the finish line in time for participants to collect.

    Trucks will drop off the participants’ belongings with their bib number clearly labelled. Volunteers will sort the bags into their event, wave, and number order. Volunteers will need to sight the participant’s bib and find their matching bib number on the bag to return it to the correct owner.

How to Get Involved

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